This Self Organized Learning Opportunity (SOLO) is an experiment in marrying aviation with the astonishing worldwide success of Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE) as championed by Sugatra Mitra (see the following video link).

A Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE) is an alternative model of education that empowers students to splunk the internet on a quest for knowledge – to teach themsleves and thereby own their newly acquired knowledge to a deeper level than can be attained when spoon fed information from a teacher. Students are free to work at their own pace, either alone or in groups, but are encouraged to collaborate both in the search for answers as well as in submission of solutions. In this model, rather than lecturing, the teacher takes a step back to simply ask the questions that will guide students along an educational journey to build true understanding of a subject. The goal is to teach kids how to teach themselves and to empower them to explore wherever their interests lead them.